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Motor stator and rotor
Outrunner bldc motor stator
Inner bldc motor Stator
Special Type Stator
stator winding services
Stator Winding Service
Inner stator winding machine
outer stator winding machine


Model:Axial Flux Stator  
Axial Flux motor stator lamination  
Model:stator 10&20 Series  
outer bldc motor stators  
Model:Stator 40 sereis  
Inner stators  
Model:10-60mm inner rotor  
Inner rotor  
BLDC Motor Stator Core lamination

1. ISO9000, ISO14001, TS16949 Certificated 2. Prototype Customization on BLDC Motor Stator

3. ready-made stamping mold available


Motor Coil Winding Services

Brushless Motor Stator Winding Services

1. Protype Winding  2. Production Winding  3. Varnish Coating 4. Testing



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